I’ve gotten myself into the worst fucking situation possible


trying to figure out how to deal with liking someone while still loving your ex is not easy

(JEAN-RALPHIO enters.) TOMMY T! You just missed the CRAZIEST of crazies. Clubs. Girls. Dancing. Naked—-MOM?!?! Argument. Fleeing the scene. Hiding in a dumpster. Coming here. Crashing on your couch for a week ‘cause [sings] technically I’m homeless.
I hate how far you are. It's not fair.

why would u send this anonymously i know who u are u literally just sent this to me in a snapchat (it’s not at all)




Stupidest thing ever is this infantilization of patriarchy like, “it’s boys who do those things; a ~~real man~~~ would never be that way” no listen to me, it is not little boys who crack jokes that make up patriarchy but actual grown-ass men engaging in actual physical, systematic, structural, emotional, verbal violence against women. Patriarchy is not puberty you grow out of but a backdrop wired into the fabric of our society. 


when ur best friend is sad